Fabric Pre-shrink

Fabric pre-shrink, also known as pre-shrinking or preshrinking, is the process of treating fabric in order to reduce its shrinkage before it is cut and sewn into a garment or other product. Shrinkage is a common problem with many types of fabric, especially natural fibers like cotton and wool, which can shrink significantly when exposed to heat and moisture. Pre-shrinking fabric is an important step in the fabric preparation process, as it helps to ensure that the finished product will retain its shape and size after it has been laundered or cleaned.

Pre-shrinking fabric is an important step in the sewing process, as it helps to prevent shrinkage and sizing issues in the finished product. It is especially important for garments and other products that will be worn or used frequently, as they are more likely to experience shrinkage over time. Pre-shrinking fabric can also help to improve the overall quality and appearance of the finished product, as it can prevent fabric distortion and other issues that can occur due to shrinkage. Overall, the pre-shrinking fabric is an essential step in the fabric preparation process and is an important consideration for anyone working with fabric materials.

Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting

A laser fabric-cutting machine is a specialized tool that uses laser technology to cut and shape fabric materials with precision. These machines are commonly used in the fashion and apparel industry, as well as in other industries that require precise cutting and shaping of fabric. Laser fabric cutting machines work by directing a highly focused beam of light onto the fabric, which vaporizes the material and creates a precise, clean cut. The laser beam is controlled by a computer, which allows the operator to input specific cutting patterns and designs. Laser fabric-cutting machines offer a high level of accuracy and precision, and are able to cut through a wide range of materials. They are also efficient and can greatly speed up the production process. Whether you are a fashion designer, manufacturer, or simply someone who enjoys working with fabric, a laser fabric-cutting machine can be a valuable tool.

Bulk Production

After confirming final approved samples, purchase order, artwork and deposit, the lead time for manufacturing garments usually takes 4-6 weeks.

Bulk Production
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We strive to create quality products for every customer and keep your customers coming back for more.

LanCai’s own QC team will perform standard quality control inspections to ensure that any issues are ruled out and resolved before each product is packaged.


In the world of clothing manufacturing, we are well aware of the importance of product quality, which determines the survival period of each clothing manufacturing enterprise.

Companies that do not pay attention to product quality will eventually be eliminated by customers.

All items are steam ironed, neatly folded, individually packed in plastic bags, and boxed before shipping to their final destination.



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