Shipping & Delivery

After all bulk clothing is completed, we will offer different air freight options to suit your budget or requirements.

We ship your order by air using various shipping providers like DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc. In addition, we also accept your designated shipping provider, and we will also fully cooperate.

For orders over 500kg/1500pcs, we offer ocean shipping options to certain countries.

Please note that delivery times vary by delivery location, and shipping by sea will take longer than by air.

Destination Country/Region Delivery Date
United States of America 4-5business days
Canada 4-5business days
Australia, New Zealand 4-5business days
Europe 4-5business days
United Kingdom (UK) 4-5business days
India, Maldives, Sri Lanka 4-5business days
South East Asia 4-5business days
Japan, South Korea 4-5business days
Israel, Middle East 5-6business days
Polynesia 6-7business days
Russia 6-7business days
South America 6-7business days
Africa 6-7business days


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